Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa between longitude 290 and 410 East. Latitude 10 and 120 South. Most Northerly point: Bukoba 10 South Latitude, Most Southerly point: Mtalika 120 South latitude,
Most Westerly point: Kigoma 290 East of Greenwhi.ch, Most easterly point: Mtwara 410 East of Greenwhich.

Tanzania has frontier to the following countries:
North : Kenya and Uganda.
West: Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.
South: Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.
East: Indian Ocean.

Tanzania is the biggest of the East Africa countries (i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions namely the Islands and the coastal plains to the east; the inland saucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands. The Great Rift Valley that runs from north east of Africa through central Tanzania is another landmark that adds to the scenic view of the country. The rift valley runs to south of Tanzania splitting at Lake Nyasa; one branch runs down beyond Lake Nyasa to zambique; and another branch to north-west alongside Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and western part of Uganda.

The valley is dotted with unique lakes which include Lakes Rukwa, Tanganyika, Nyasa, Kitangiri, Eyasi and Manyara. The uplands include the famous Kipengere, Udzungwa, Matogoro, Livingstone, and the Fipa plateau forming the southern highlands. The Usambara, Pare, Meru, Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Oldonyo Lengai, all form the northern highlands.

From these highlands and the central saucer plateau flow the drainage system to the Indian ocean, Atlantic ocean, Mediterranean sea and the inland drainage system.

Mountain Summits
Mount Kilimanjaro -5,895 m
Mount Meru - 4,566M
Mount Rungwe - 2,960M Uluguru Mountains - 2,648M
Rubeho Mountains - 2,576M Livingstone Mountains - 2,521M
Mbizi Mountain - 2,418M Mahari Mountain - 2,373M
Usambara Mountains - 2,300M  

Tanzania is home to some of the most incredible tribal diversity in Africa. The country includes all of the major ethnic and linguistic groups on the continent – an amazingly varied population to inhabit a single country. Home to approximately 120 tribal groups, most of these comprise small communities that are gradually being assimilated into the larger population due to changes in land use and the economic draw of city life. Tribal diversity is prized and far from being a source of division, Tanzanians place a high value on their country’s multicultural heritage. Over the past few years, cultural tourism has become an increasing attraction for visitors from around the world and visits to tribal villages are often a highlight of safari itineraries.

The Maasai are perhaps the most well known of Tanzania’s tribes and inhabit the northern regions of the country. Pastoralists who fiercely guard their culture and traditions, Maasai tribal life revolves around protecting and caring for their herds of cattle and finding ample grazing land in their region. The tribes live in circular enclosures called manyatas, where small mud huts surround a secure open circle where their cattle and other herd animals sleep protected during the night.




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