Tanzania is a tourist paradise, only five hours away from Dubai, and a well-connected destination by air from the UAE, with Dar es salaam, (the haven of peace) and Zanzibar, (The Spice Islands) while Emirates and many other airlines offer such connections from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah international airports.

Besides cultural attributes, other tourism attractions in the country include the rich game to view in National Parks, Game Controlled Areas and Games Reserves. Beaching on tranquil beaches, water sports, mountaineering, mountain biking, forest walk, exhibition and conference tourism etc. Just imagine viewing the famous tree climbing lions in the country's northern parks.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) about 828 Sq. Km. is a perfect caldera of the world, 18km across, often with nothing we can compare, this is one of the wonders of the world! You will be attracted by the relief, its mountains, drifting sand dunes and the diverse wildlife and the Maasai people. The NCA, due to these and more qualities including its being nearer the cradle of mankind, the Olduvai Gorge , it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978.

Tanzania is only place on the planet where a human being is living in harmony with wildlife without harming one another. To-date the only place to go is the Ngorogoro Conservation Area. It is well cultured and ecotourism smoothly nurtured to the environment. To the north west of NCA, spreads endless plain of the Serengeti National Park (14,763Sq. Km). With over 3 million large animals, involved in seasonal migration the Serengeti has the greatest concentration wildlife unparalleled in the world. The ecological rules regarding who eats who or lonely death while swimming across rivers during migration and how it is important to be in groups for survival can be observed clearly here.

In southern Tanzania, there lies the greatest wild reserve and second only to Serengeti in wildlife conservations.   This is the Selous National Park. Elephants, crocodiles and hippos in rivers; buffaloes, and baobab trees dominate. Other National Parks include Mahale (the haven of the chimpanzees and baboons); Mikumi , Mkomazi , Rubondo , Katavi and Juvenile Udzungwa rich in plant diversity and in colobus monkeys. The Spice Island of Zanzibar and Pemba are blessed with glorious beaches, coral reefs and fragrant clove plantations and steeped in reminders of a former wealth and splendour. Here you can stroll through the winding streets of the capital, Stone Town, where Arabic buildings are graced with intricately carved doors and admire the ruins of the Sultan's Palace built with the riches of the spice, ivory and slave trades. You may like to head out of town to see a little more of this scenic island or perhaps spend time at a spice plantation.

The rich flora and fauna found in the world heritage areas in Tanzania are beyond belief for everybody to visit and view, or for nature lovers to study and satisfy their scientific thirst.   Beaches on the East Coast of the country bordering on the Indian Ocean are also important tourist attractions. The Kilimanjaro National Park does feature the great ice-caped Equatorial mountain.   The Kilimanjaro Mountain invites challenges to conquer its peak that rises at a height of almost 6km high for mountain climbers.The Arusha National Park offers everything one wants to see regarding volcanic features and lakes, the flamingoes; buffaloes, the mountain vegetation and the general scenic view of the magnificent Mount Meru are a must to see.

The Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, though relatively smaller parks; located south west of Arusha town do offer plenty to see. Black rhinos; over 380 species of birds; the worlds largest bird the ostrich; the Kori bustard the only world heaviest bird that can fly, elephants; wart hogs, baboons, zebra, the tree-climbing lions, hot springs, and the rising steep escarpment of the Tanzania Great rift Valley are only a selection of what these areas can offer. Again, going around and across Tanzania, one finds more interesting things. The remains from the oriental architecture found along the coast and Zanzibar, the coral reefs such as those at the Wambe Shando and Mwamba Wamba area; the sulphur springs in Tanga, the Mbozi meteorite remains. The National Museum and other heritage sites add on more interesting sites to visit.

Kilimanjaro Mountain
Olduvai Gorge
Lake Manyara
Wambe Shando
National Museum
Bahari Beach Villas


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